How to Sell Your Used Car

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Below is a brief guide to selling your used car. There are four main aspects involved in the process; preparation, advertising, transfer of ownership and documentation. This guide will be helpful to anyone looking to sell their car without the involvement of an agency.

1. Preparing the car

This is where you need to make sure the car is sales-worthy. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and ask objectively if you would buy the car based on its condition. Is it clean? Are there any major damages? Does it look aged and dilapidated? Has it been serviced recently? All these are important questions to ask yourself, as these are all questions a potential buyer will mull over.

Start with car cleaning. If you do not have the time to undertake a comprehensive cleaning, there are many car groomers in Auckland whom you can hire. You can also use Auckland car detailing services to give your car a new look. Next, get the car serviced and have ready all the receipts showing its servicing history. This is important in showing the buyer that the car is well maintained.

Finally, ensure that you have an up-to-date WoF (Warrant of Fitness). When you have done all this, you can now set a reasonable price for the car. The price should take into account the car’s value determined by its age, model and current condition.

2. Advertise it

Unless you already have a buyer at hand, advertising will help you sell your car quickly. Find a classifieds website to post your advertisement. You can also use print media such as the local newspaper. Another effective way to advertise is using social media.

Imagery is what entices buyers to look closer, so the most important thing when advertising your car is to use high quality photos that show all the important car details. In addition, do not forget to list all specifications that potential customers would consider important such as mileage and engine capacity.

3. Selling it

Once you land a buyer, arrange a viewing as soon as possible. When you let them view the car, remove any personal effects (children’s toys, etc.) beforehand and allow them time to thoroughly look inside and outside. Have all necessary car documentation ready.

On the issue of test-driving, you need to be cautious. Ask to see their license and check that your insurance covers the test drive in the event of an accident. Ask to accompany them in the passenger seat. The buyer may also want to conduct a full inspection or he or she may also opt for an inspection report.

The final step in the selling process is the payment. Agree on terms of payments taking care not to be scammed. For instance, do not accept a personal cheque because of the high risk of bouncing.

4. Documentation

According to the New Zealand Transport Agency, you must notify them of a vehicle sale either online or by filling out a physical form. Failure to do this can get you fined for the new owner’s traffic offences. The agency also recommends you get an updated WoF and ask the buyer to give you a transfer receipt.

Car Grooming and Car Detailing in Auckland

If you need car cleaning before a sale turn to Caprice Car Valet for their exceptional car grooming services. Visit their website at to see all their services and to contact them.


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