Top Tips for Selling Your Car


Selling your car privately in North Shore, Auckland, can be a daunting task. This is particularly true if you have never done it before. However, if you take it upon yourself to see the sale through, you can in return expect to get more money for your troubles.

Here are some top tips to help you sell your car fast.

Prepare Your Car For Sale

To sell your car fast, you have to make it as appealing as possible. This will take more than just a bucket of soapy water and a sponge. You have to go that extra mile and leave your vehicle with a finish that is as close to showroom perfection as it can be. That means addressing not only dirt and dust on its surfaces, but also those bodywork dents, swirls and scratches, stains, chips, dents on wheels, upholstery, interiors, carpets, odours, and build up of grime and grease.

Removing all those surface contaminants, imperfections and defects on your car will require you to invest your time, energy and money. And unless you have experience in car detailing and restoration, you should consider having it cleaned and detailed by a professional – specifically a car valet North Shore specialist.

Professional Car valet North Shore have the knowledge, tools and experience needed to thoroughly clean, polish and wax your car in order to give it an as-new look and boost its resale value. They know how to professionally – and will – clean the wheels and shuts, wash, polish and wax the bodywork, dress exterior plastics and tyres, polish brightwork and glass, and more to get your car looking its best.

Car groomers Auckland valeting companies also have the specialist equipment and cleaning products for removing unwanted contaminants from car paint, such as bird drippings, faecal matter, tar spots, tree sap, industrial fallout, iron filings, pollution, and others which usually cause the paint to become dull and/or rough. With their experience and special tools, they are able to reach all those awkward areas, clean off as much contaminants as possible, rectify defects to make your car shine and look pristine.

In addition, car wash North Shore Auckland professionals are experts at car interior cleaning. They can thoroughly vacuum interior surfaces, such as dash, seats, centre console, luggage, carpets, vents and luggage areas; and wet clean any soiled areas like carpets, trim, upholstery and headlinings using industrial-range cleaning tools and products. This will not only enhance your car’s visual appeal, but also make the vehicle a pleasure to drive and a joy to look at – all of which will give it a higher re-sale value.

Market Your Car

The easiest way to market your car is to create a ‘For Sale’ sign and put it on your car’s windows (somewhere legal) – where interested buyers will be able to see it when you are driving around.

You can also inform your friends and colleagues that you’re selling your car. Some of them may be interested.

However, the best and most effective way to market your car is to advertise online, in social media, and in local newspaper classifieds. Advertising in these different platforms will ensure that your car is seen by as many potential buyers as possible.

Start by creating attractive photos of your car to put on these platforms. Be sure to capture all angles of your car and write a precise description. Your car’s description should include all details, including: year of manufacture, make, model/variant, engine and transmission, major options, odometer reading, and its general condition.

Dealing With Potential Car Buyers

Once you post your ad on different platforms, you’ll definitely receive enquiries about the car from prospective buyers. This could be through the phone, e-mail, smartphone app, or other means; but many of these enquirers will be just tire kickers who will call and ask lots of questions, or people who are not genuinely interested in buying or will offer ridiculously low prices. Don’t let these ‘time wasters ‘ discourage you. Be patient and you’ll have a genuine buyer come along.

When a caller shows genuine interest in your car, try to establish strong communication with the person to ease anxiety and reduce the chances he will be unhappy once he or she sees the vehicle. Let the person who enquired arrange to view and test drive the car.

During the viewing and test-drive, let the person know why you’re selling the car. Then, take your time to show them your car’s features and answer all their questions. Let them inspect it thoroughly. But don’t pressure them to buy. If they are really interested in buying the car, you can go ahead and agree to a test drive.

Before the test drive, take a photo or record their driver’s license details. Also, ask them to show you proof of insurance and to give you something of value to them, such as their personal documents, that you could retain. If you have doubts about the test driver looking to buy your car don’t rush the deal.

Price Negotiation

If the test driver is interested in your car, let them make you an offer. You should know your car’s current market value and the minimum offer that you can accept. But don’t be rigid with your price. Allow room for negotiation or haggling so you can come to a mutually agreeable, realistic price with the prospective buyer.

Close The Sale

Once you agree on the price and the buyer has committed to buying the vehicle from you, then you need to put the deal in writing. This document should include all details about the deal, including the price, date and time of pick up, payment method, deposit and installments (if any), etc. Both parties should sign and date the agreement.

Transfer Of Ownership To The Buyer

Your registration will need to be transferred to the buyer, and both parties must complete and sign all the necessary documents. This can be done online. To learn more about the requirements of transferring your registration when selling a vehicle, visit the New Zealand Transport Agency website.

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How to Sell Your Used Car

pexels-photo-93617 (1).jpeg

Below is a brief guide to selling your used car. There are four main aspects involved in the process; preparation, advertising, transfer of ownership and documentation. This guide will be helpful to anyone looking to sell their car without the involvement of an agency.

1. Preparing the car

This is where you need to make sure the car is sales-worthy. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and ask objectively if you would buy the car based on its condition. Is it clean? Are there any major damages? Does it look aged and dilapidated? Has it been serviced recently? All these are important questions to ask yourself, as these are all questions a potential buyer will mull over.

Start with car cleaning. If you do not have the time to undertake a comprehensive cleaning, there are many car groomers in Auckland whom you can hire. You can also use Auckland car detailing services to give your car a new look. Next, get the car serviced and have ready all the receipts showing its servicing history. This is important in showing the buyer that the car is well maintained.

Finally, ensure that you have an up-to-date WoF (Warrant of Fitness). When you have done all this, you can now set a reasonable price for the car. The price should take into account the car’s value determined by its age, model and current condition.

2. Advertise it

Unless you already have a buyer at hand, advertising will help you sell your car quickly. Find a classifieds website to post your advertisement. You can also use print media such as the local newspaper. Another effective way to advertise is using social media.

Imagery is what entices buyers to look closer, so the most important thing when advertising your car is to use high quality photos that show all the important car details. In addition, do not forget to list all specifications that potential customers would consider important such as mileage and engine capacity.

3. Selling it

Once you land a buyer, arrange a viewing as soon as possible. When you let them view the car, remove any personal effects (children’s toys, etc.) beforehand and allow them time to thoroughly look inside and outside. Have all necessary car documentation ready.

On the issue of test-driving, you need to be cautious. Ask to see their license and check that your insurance covers the test drive in the event of an accident. Ask to accompany them in the passenger seat. The buyer may also want to conduct a full inspection or he or she may also opt for an inspection report.

The final step in the selling process is the payment. Agree on terms of payments taking care not to be scammed. For instance, do not accept a personal cheque because of the high risk of bouncing.

4. Documentation

According to the New Zealand Transport Agency, you must notify them of a vehicle sale either online or by filling out a physical form. Failure to do this can get you fined for the new owner’s traffic offences. The agency also recommends you get an updated WoF and ask the buyer to give you a transfer receipt.

Car Grooming and Car Detailing in Auckland

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Professional Car Valet from Auckland’s Caprice Car Valet


Want to trade in your vehicle? Use a car valet service to get your car clean, tidy and ready for sale. Had a big road trip and now your car is a mess, inside and out? Don’t spend hours cleaning and vacuuming your car when you can use a car valet service to make it look like new again! If you are in Auckland here are just some of the reasons why you should choose Caprice Car Valet.

Cleanliness in the car goes beyond avoiding bad odours: It’s also about the driver’s health and safety. Foul odours aren’t only unpleasant, but they can also be unhealthy at times. Aside from that, poor air quality in your vehicle – where you can spend 1-3 hours a day – can cause asthma attacks as well as headaches. As you consider the time you spend in your vehicle, it becomes quite obvious why you should have it cleaned and odour-free.

What We Offer

At Caprice Car Valet we offer car grooming in Auckland and we provide the most in depth and professional service in New Zealand. We specialise in applying paint protector, leather protector and fabric protector to keep your vehicle and its upholstery looking newer for longer.

Not just that, we also provide ozone odour treatment, swirl free cut, removal of decals and removal of paint over-spray. This will give you the assurance that your vehicle will continue to have its value for years to come.

Benefits of a Professional Car Valet

Letting a professional valet your car for you can be highly beneficial for both you and your vehicle. So, what makes going to Caprice car valet better than washing your car at home?

1. The Use of Proper Tools and Products

For those who have been in a professional car wash, you have probably seen the equipment being used. We at Caprice car valet utilise only the top-of-the-line products to enhance the look of your vehicle.

2. Water Conservation

We are serious about water conservation and controlling our effect on the environment, and that’s why we make it a point to recycle the water we use so that it will never go wasted.

3. Detailed Washing

Truth be told, washing your car at home carries the risk that important places that need to be cleaned will be quickly passed over or missed entirely. For instance, you have probably forgotten to fully wash the tires or the car roof and chances are you didn’t have time to thoroughly clean the inside of the car, getting into every seam and pocket from the floor up. Caprice car valet will do this for you, and we’ll give you a guarantee that you’ll get a detailed wash from top to bottom.

4. Less Time Wasted

No one would want to spend more than 30 minutes of their day cleaning their vehicle. Unfortunately, this happens a lot when you’ve chosen to clean your car at home. More often than not, we also become hesitant to clean our car, because we dread the time we’ll end up spending just to clean it. This results in your car getting filthier because dust and dirt accumulates over many a rushed car clean. As a professional car valet in Auckland, Caprice Car Valet will do a fantastic job of cleaning the interior and exterior of your car.